Sunday, August 5, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23 - Summarize

I can't believe this program is over! I am really going to miss working on my blog every week. I would definitely enjoy doing another project in the future.
For me, this was a great accomplishment. I have always been afraid to play around with technology, of what I'm not sure. It isn't like the computer will blow up if I do something wrong. There were times when I would do an exercise and I just couldn't downloaad something, or understand it, but I would be determined to figure it out for myself. Believe me, that wasn't how I used to be. I would normally give up after the first try, and then feel like a failure for not finishing the task. This time I felt this drive in me that wouldn't let me give up, and I only asked for help two times. My favorite exercises were, Library Thing, YouTube and Flickr. It was fun cataloging my books, and I will probably continue to do so for my own pleasure. Playing around with YouTube was fun too. I found one on the site that I downloaded and I also created my own and published it to my blog. There was so many different things to do while exploring Flickr! I downloaded photos, and searched for photos on that site, and did some other fun things.
In our department we thought maybe it would be fun to create a blog when we get our new bookmobile. We could possibly blog with others all over the state, and maybe the country about ouur experiences. My husband was so impressed, that now he would like me to set up a blog for him. He recently became a licensed minister and would like to share some thoughts on a blog. So, who knows where I'll go from here. The possiblilties are limitless. I can picture librarians sharing ideas with each other on a blog. This was great, and I'm glad I was part of it!!

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Gail Griffith said...

You go, Girl! I also loved your YouTube post of the Bookmobile!!